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4 1/2 Counter-Intuitive but Effective Examples of Engaging Prospects

The longer they stay, the more they buy. The key to sales is engaged customers.

Engagement is about creating irresistible content designed to take customers to the next step of the sales process. It has to grab their attention, pique their interest, and keep them busy.

Here are 4 1/2 examples of companies who nailed the Engagement Factor and increased their sales from it.

1. Harley Davidson


Harley is a master at getting people emotionally engaged with their product.

Emotionally involved? What? They sell motorcycles!

No, they don't just sell motorcyles, they sell a dream. Their customers can be accountant by day but at 5:30pm they become free. Tough and wild. Until their wife calls at 6:30pm and says it time to come home to help the kids with homework. Never the less they felt the dream for a while.

When you come to check them out, they make you live that dream. You pick out a rustic leather jacket from their selection. You take a seat on a new, sleek motorcycle. They set up a fan blowing air in your face. Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" is blasting in the background. Then, they take your picture.

Harley makes you feel what it would be like to own one of their motorcycles. They create an environment and more importantly, an experience.

2. Traitify.com


Traitify.com gets it. They understand the power of engagement. They not only use the Engagement Factor themselves, but they sell it to others so they can use it too.

How? Traitify.com is a site that offers thousands of self-assessments which range from career tests to personality assessments to an Avenger's hero assessment. Their tests are visually appealing, easy to use, accurate, and good old fun.  

They are growing by leaps and bounds because they help OTHER websites increase their own site engagement by offering irresistible assessments.

Why are personal assessments engaging? Because people are interested in, you got it, themselves! Most people would take a quick moment to learn something about themselves or how they compare to their favorite movie star or superhero. It's a great way to provide what I call "edu-tainment", educational entertainment. 

Check them out HERE.

3. Publishers Clearing House


Engagement doesn’t have to be 3-D. Publishers Clearing House used to use stickers in their mailers: you put a ”YES”  sticker over here and a “NO” sticker over there.

Come on, give me break. You can't just remember which options you said yes and no to? Or maybe write them down on a paper?

No, you can't. Because it's not about that. They gave out these sticker for one reason: to increase their Engagement Factor. By adding stickers they increased the interactivity of the mailer by physically engaging the recipient in the acts of peeling and adhering the stickers. Small actions, but a big lift in engagement.  

4. Royal Bank



If stickers can make a difference, how about a pen? Royal Bank included a flat pen inside a Lumpy Mail piece. It didn't cost them any more in shipping (because it was flat), but increased response rates from 1% to over 28%!

Why? Because busy hands are happy hands. Their customers were able to fill out the form immediately and had their hands busy with the pen. They were at first curiousy as to why the package was lumpy, then busy with the pen. Just by adding a simple "toy" then utilized the power of the Engagement Factor and increase their response rates by 28x!

That’s a real bump for a little pen.


4 1/2. Your Company


By now, we bet you're pretty convinced that the Engagement Factor is worthwhile. You've read the examples, thought about the concepts, and if your a growing leader, you've asked yourself how you can implement this tool into your business.

So, instead of leaving you hanging, we're offering you some irresistible bait.

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