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A new perspective on how you look at your employees...

May 28, 2017

As I’ve been researching and speaking to dozens of entrepreneurs about their secrets to creating a Culture of Accountability, I discovered an interesting study that changed the way I looked at things. Read on for a new perspective that might change the way you look at your employees... “... Read More

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Upward Jumping Monkey, Noun. a project or job that moves from a team member of lesser responsibility and experience, to one of greater responsibility and experience, thereby exhausting and depleting the latter team member. Check out the video below...

It was my birthday this week and a I went for a late afternoon hike in the hills. I had a few minutes for contemplation, and put my thoughts into a video. Local legend says that the rounded stone mound I came across is the burial place of a long dead sheikh. His name has been forgotten: only the stones bear tribute to the man buried within.

Meet Nick Gianoulis, aka “The Godfather of Fun.” As the founder of the Fun Dept., Nick spent over a decade helping companies bring the fun back into business. Nick has a thing or two (or three!) to say about fun and how it can change everything at work. Read on to discover Nick’s top 4 reasons to have more fun at work.

A 22 year old tennis coach taught a surgeon how to operate better. Here's how... Dr. Atul Gewande, a forty-some year old surgeon thought he reached his professional peak. Specializing in endocrine surgery, Atul had performed thousands of surgeries. He was doing well, had consistent success rates, and achieved a high level of expertise.

March 16, 2017

I sent out an email last week asking the recipients to take a 30 second, 1 Question Survey. Now let me explain why I did that and why you should too. See, this blog goes out to many different people, all around the world. Different jobs, different industries, different interests, different backgrounds, you name it- they’re reading this blog.

As a marketing guy, I'm always on the lookout for cool marketing ideas and ads I can use or pass along to my clients for them to use.I recently stumbled across one that you've got to check out!Click on the image below to see it for yourself and then I got a few questions to ask you afterwards. Go ahead, watch the 30-second video. Then come back. I'll wait.Okay, you watched it? Great.Quick quiz:1. What kind......

Everyone wants to create "touch points," a favorite buzzword for marketers. A touch point is that intersection between your business and your customer where you interact and communicate something -- hopefully, something of value. Glance over this diagram:While each "touch point" offers value, they miss the emotional power and tactile experience of the five senses: Sight. Sound.......

I was wrong! I take it all back!

6 people who refused to fail, and their incredible stories

Rahamim Melamed-Cohen, Ph.D. continues to inspire and motivate me to this day even though he can do nothing more than think and blink his eyes. To me and countless others, he's a living miracle. I'm pictured here seated to the left of Dr. Cohen along with his wife, Elisheva, and his Adobe Illustrator tutor from the Betzalel Academy of Art.Want to be truly rich?Just a few days ago, my family got a rare......