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Sales and Marketing

It starts with the Market. Your best prospects are your "Hungry Fish." These are the people who need your product or service the most—and all you need to do is find and attract them. We help you visualize your ideal prospect, consider demographics and psychographics, and develop a composite sketch of the Hungry Fish you're looking for. 

Message. With the Brand Launcher messaging process, you connect with what makes your prospect tick. What is he worried about at night? What does she do for fun? What kind of car does he drive? Where does she shop? Once you understand the "who," you can create a message that fills in the "what" and "how."

How do you catch Hungry Fish? By using Irresistible Bait! We can show you how to attract the right prospects using the right bait—a free thing, free service, free information, or a free experience. You'll learn how to make free work by making it truly valuable—to your prospects. 

Spotting your Big Zig is an art that pays bottom-line dividends. In today’s competitive marketplace, you must be dramatically different or suffer in obscurity. Learn how to create curiosity and tell a compelling story. 
Then comes your POOBA—the Promise of an Obvious, Overt, Big Benefit Always. This is an obvious, significant message that sticks with your prospects like epoxy. But it has to be completely clear and relevant. Otherwise, it's a hint, not a promise.

A promise must be believable—that's why you need a "Reason to Believe." Brand Launcher's process makes this clear and straightforward, and you'll be able to collect and use "social proof" like moving testimonials and endorsements. You'll also learn the best ways to provide Proof of Concept—research, case histories, and demonstrations.

Mediums. This is how you approach the world, the type of marketing that you use to broadcast your message. And whether it's online or offline, direct mail or social media, event marketing or one-on-one sales presentations, we can help you make the best decisions about the mediums you should use—and how to make them work for you. 

The final frontier is your brand. You need a position that elevates you from a commodity into the "top of mind" option for your prospects.

The best position is to become a thought leader—a Guru—in your field. In many cases, you can take your knowledge, your experience, and your "intellectual capital," and share that expertise with people who are hungry for what you know. This advances you from another vendor into the obvious expert. And that is the most dramatic positioning shift of all. Whom would you rather do business with, a vendor or an expert? 

But how do you become an expert? We are expert at shifting vendors into experts. It's all in the process. Take your special knowledge and:

  • Simplify
  • Codify, and
  • Multiply

Then you repurpose your codified ideas into books, e-books, videos, seminars and more. You become an expert—sharing the knowledge that you already have, and turning this into more business for you. 

Perhaps you think "But I can't do that. I'm not an expert." But you are—and if not, often you can become one. Usually, we can help you transform the expertise you already have into valuable content. It's all in the process. Publish or perish.  


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