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My Daughter's Wedding



Below are excerpts from the poem/song I sang at my daughter's wedding:

I’m so grateful that your mother and I had the privilege of bringing your beautiful soul into the world.

You started as a little girl jumping and sliding like a tomboy and you filled our lives with so much joy.

When you started dating and we wondered how and when you’d find such a special man to share your life with.

After dating Nathan for some time, you told us I think he may be the one.

He brought you a sweater just in case you were cold. When we first went to meet him, as a caring mentch he had bottles of water waiting and we started to get sold.

I am happy and sad in the best way at the same time.

Happy you found your beloved and sad that you’re moving out of our home and you will be missed.

May your home be one of love, safety, and joy.