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7 Ideas to Boost Sales Quickly and Easily

7 Ideas to Boost Sales Quickly and Easily

June 10, 2008

Maybe the summer heat is getting to me or maybe I'm just getting a bit soft.

But I realize that I've been pushing you to think big and come up with big, bold promises and big audacious goals so you can make dramatic changes in your business. And there are times when you have to do exactly that.

Sometimes all you need are small, easy changes. Especially when you need profits quickly.

I mention this because I was talking to a colleague about quick and easy things a business can do to generate sales. We came up with quite a list that I promise to share with you in an upcoming e-letter.

As I was going through the process, however, it dawned on me that I don't think about quick and easy money-making ideas often enough and from talking with other entrepreneurs I'm not the only one.

I'm not sure why that is. Perhaps it's because as entrepreneurs we're supposed to come up with the monumental, life-changing strategic visions. Or perhaps we feel if it's too quick and easy it isn't worth doing. Besides, you probably won't see any articles about the business owner who simply dusted off an old sales promotion from three years earlier and used it to boost sales 12% in two weeks.

I'm talking of course about "low-hanging fruits."

Let's say for example that I gave you one hour to pick as many apples from an orchard as possible. How would you go about picking them?

You'd probably go from tree to tree gathering as many apples as you could within reach. And then, with the time you had, you'd probably try to get the more difficult ones to reach.

The approach is similar to running a business. Generating immediate cash flow is like picking the low-hanging fruit in an orchard. Investing in the future growth of the company is similar to taking time to grab the more difficult to reach fruit.

Low-hanging fruit are like cash flow strategies

In other words, your low-hanging fruit are your short-term, cash-flow strategies. These are things you can do quickly with the least amount of investment and resources.

As you move up the tree, the strategy becomes more complex and the investment in time and resources increases. These become your long-term cash flow strategies.

I know some companies have regular brainstorming sessions just to identify low-hanging fruit in their business.

These are great topics to get your staff involved in. Who wouldn't want to come up with ideas that are designed to be quick and easy?

7 ideas to boost sales quickly and easily

So what are some low-hanging fruits you can take advantage of in your business? Here are 7 ideas to consider:

1. Send an email, postcard or letter to your customers with an offer that expires a week later.

2. Offer a scratch-and-dent sale. You often see these types of sales with appliances or books in which items that are slightly damaged are sold at a discount. I had one client offer a scratch-and-dent sale and advertised that it only applied to a limited number of products. He brought in a record number of sales. (See the most recent issue of Your Business GPS Newsletter to see what he did next and tell me whether you think it was manipulative or creative).

3. Identify your top 50 customers and offer them a 20% discount on any purchase they make within the next 30 days.

4. Call your current customers just to see how they're doing and what challenges they're facing. Most likely, you'll have one or two solutions you can offer.

5. Tie your offer to a holiday or topical event that's occurring.

6. Enter into a joint partnership with another business in which your product or service
complements their offer.

7. Take a promotion or sales event that worked previously and repeat it again. And keep repeating it until it's no longer profitable.

You get the idea. Next, go through your list and rank each one based on those that can be done the fastest and with the least amount of resources and those that give you the biggest payoff.

You'll be amazed at the long list of ideas you come up with.

In fact, many of them will fall into your big, audacious idea category (hold onto those ideas!) so you'll want to keep pulling in the reins and stay focused on the ideas you can do quickly and easily. No need to make it any harder on yourself, especially in the summertime!

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,