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Did I Tell Tou About How I Flexed for a Fat, Old Russian Guy?

Did I Tell Tou About How I Flexed for a Fat, Old Russian Guy?

May 13, 2008

To make matters worse, he didn't have any clothes on.

So why would I try to flex in front of a very fat, very old Russian guy who is wearing nothing at all?

To look good, of course!

I was exercising at our local fitness club and after a good workout, and feeling pretty good about myself, seeing how toned I was, I went into the locker room to shower and change. I couldn't help but notice this very big man sitting there in the locker room. He was just sitting there watching me.

As I got undressed to go into the shower, I put my foot on the bench and get this - I actually flexed the muscle in my calf, so that he could see how strong I was. Suddenly, I realized what I had just done. I was in total shock! I couldn't believe it. So great was my desire to look good that I actually flexed for the guy so I could look good to him!

In reality, impressing him was the furthest thing from my mind, and I could have cared less what he really thought about my calf muscle. But I suddenly caught myself slipping into this emotion of trying to look good, even for someone I didn't consciously want to impress. I happened to be writing my 90-Day Launch System in which I talk about the power of trying to look good in marketing and advertising when I caught myself doing the exact same thing.

Here I was actually trying to make myself look good in a locker room. I just wanted to burst out laughing. Too bad I couldn't share what I was thinking.

But here's the funniest thing. Even now my subconscious mind is trying to make me look good by saying, "If you tell this story you will look really smart and humble." It never stops!

So why bring up such an embarrassing story?

I'm really quite embarrassed to tell this story. But it's the strongest example I could think of that really shows how emotions and desires work in our lives every day. It's the reason why emotional hot buttons are such powerful tools to use in marketing and advertising. And the desire to look good - like I fell for in the locker room - is one of the best emotional buttons you can tap into.

Logic isn't enough. Simply appealing to your hungry fish with logic won't cut it. You need to also appeal to your fishes' emotional hot buttons.

The desire to look good is played out all the time in advertising today whether it's in ads for cars, beer, cigarettes, diet plans, clothes, jewelry ... and the list goes on. Buy it and you'll look better.

The biggest emotional hot button of all

The most powerful hot button of them all is this one: Pain. Find your hungry fishes' pain points and you'll have them running to you. The secret is to find out what's keeping your fish up at night? What do they wrestle with so much that they lay awake at nights with worry? And the more specific, the better.

Once you've identified their pain points, show them in your marketing how much worse things may get if they don't do anything at all. Agitate their pain a bit. Then, show you can ease their pain or even get rid of it with your product or service.

But tapping into a hungry fish's pain points or desire to look good is just a couple of the many emotional hot buttons that are available to you.

And if you find yourself flexing for someone just laugh it off and blame it on the power of the emotional hot buttons.

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,