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FREE is Good!

FREE is Good!

March 20, 2008

We're so reluctant to give away something for free. Yet, it's probably the smartest marketing move you can make.

Believe me, I understand the hesitation. If it's so good and if people find it valuable enough that they want it, why not charge for it? Better to get the money now, even if it is a bit less, than later, right?

Not so fast. I used to ask the same questions myself but after seeing how powerful the word free is ' it's still the single most powerful word you can use - and seeing how it can actually increase sales, I'm convinced we don't do it nearly enough.

Here's a mistake I often see. There will be 4 products packaged together with an offer that says: Buy all 4 and pay only $19 each - save 25%! That's a mistake.

Instead, give away one for free. Buy 3 for $76 and get one FREE! You'll at least triple your response simply by adding the word free. I've actually seen it increase response tenfold with many of my clients. Here's another tip: always capitalize the word FREE! to make it stand out. You don't want to hide it! You want to shine lights on it and make sure everyone sees it.