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How to Get Paid Well Doing What You Love Most

How to Get Paid Well Doing What You Love Most

May 06, 2008

Are you doing what you love? When was the last time you couldn't wait to get up in the morning and go to work?

It shouldn't sound crazy at all.

Besides, isn't that why you started your own business? To do what you love?

So what went wrong?

Most entrepreneurs I work with began the business doing just about everything themselves. Like most, you probably created the products yourself, developed the marketing and advertising, forged the joint ventures, developed the customer service system, fulfillment and even negotiated the phone contract and office supplies.

Then one day it hits you. And you find you're doing all the things you said you would never do if you were the boss.

You really can do what you love each day and get paid well to do it. But before I tell you how, I'm going to ask you to do something I ask all my clients. Shut the door or move away from any distractions so you can think clearly and not get interrupted. I'll wait.

Now take three deep breaths and just relax. Go ahead. Take three deep breaths so you can relax your mind and body.

Okay, we're ready to get started.

The 4 criteria to do what you love

The key to doing what you love is to spend your time in your core competency. I have four criteria to make sure something is within your core competency. This is something you should be able to do:

1. nearly perfect;
2. consistently well;
3. passionately, and
4. the market will pay you well to do it.

When you're doing those things that meet all four criteria you're leveraging your God-given talents and making the most of your skills and experiences.

Take Tiger Woods for example. He's dedicated his life to performing nearly perfect every time he walks out onto the golf course. I know a real estate investor who can take a look at any property and determine its value faster and more accurately than anyone I've ever seen. So he spends his time analyzing properties, not selling or negotiating, because he focuses on what he does best and allows others around him to focus on what they do best, which is selling and negotiating.

Both are also able to deliver near perfect performance consistently. An art gallery owner I know, Jill, can close just about every sale ' every time! All she needs to do is get herself into someone's home and show them how the art from her gallery would look on the client's wall. She spends all her time working to meet with clients. That's it!

Everyone I mentioned so far has a passion for what they do. They're doing what they love and because they're passionate about it and have dedicated their lives to it; they're good at it. For me, I have a passion for speaking at conferences and seminars and sharing best business practices that will help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. I also love to meet with entrepreneurs one-on-one in my launch consultations as I help them turnaround their businesses and create systems that will help them work on their businesses, not in it. I love it. Those are things that launch me out of bed in the mornings.

6 tips to uncover your passion

What launches you out of bed in the mornings? The key is to focus on your sweet spots. Here are six questions to consider to help you determine your passion. (You may be surprised by your answers.)

1. What section of the bookstore do you immediately gravitate to?
2. What topics do you usually find yourself talking about in conversations?
3. When others look to you for advice, what are the topics?
4. What parts of your job seem effortless and rewarding?
5. What projects do usually find yourself so engaged in that you forget about the time and it just seems to fly by?
6. Where do you seem most appreciated and where do you deliver the most value at work?

The answers to those questions will help you find the things that you're most passionate about.

But none of this will do you any good if the market won't pay you well for your talents and skills. Otherwise, all you have is a hobby and we're not interested in finding a new hobby right now. I know a landscaper who is passionate about using only organic solutions for his clients and he's finding that the market for organic landscaping is growing so he's now recruiting other contractors to help him add the service to his business.

One restaurant owner I know has always been passionate about tea. So he's now adding a flowering tea bar to his restaurant for customers, which has earned him quite a bit of publicity because so many people know about how various teas can help curb anxiety, reduce the effects of allergies and relieve stress. It's also helped separate his restaurant from every other one in the market. And people are paying for it!

What will people pay you well to do that you can do nearly perfect, consistently and passionately? That's where you'll find your core competency.

I talk even more about how to get paid doing what you love in last month's teleseminar, which is still available for you to download or listen to now. Go to www.YourBusinessGPS.com/teleseminar. Remember, you'll need to enter your email address and your Gold Member log-in ID.

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