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If You Like Surprises ...

If You Like Surprises ...

November 20, 2008

I love surprises. A little twist, an unexpected ending to a movie or book, and I'm captivated.

More importantly, it sticks with me. That's why the element of surprise is such a powerful tool to use in your marketing.

Competition is tougher than ever. So you need something that grabs your prospects' attention to make sure you don't get lost in the herd ' something that stands out and shouts, 'I'm not like all the rest!' When you give customers a twist that makes them say, 'A-ha, I get it', you make a mark and ensure they remember who you are.

A lot of people know me as the 'watermelon guy' because they're so surprised that I mailed watermelons to prospects as part of a marketing campaign. Domino's Pizza made a name for itself when it promised to deliver pizza within 30 minutes or it's free. Everyone was surprised to see LifeLock's CEO post his social security number on all his ads to show how confident he is that his company can protect consumers' personal information.

A little twist isn't going to cut it, though. You have to be sure you really stand out from the crowd. Take, for example, this video. It's nearly impossible to guess where the ad will end up, but after it's over, you're unlikely to forget what product the ad is for.

Click here and see it for yourself.

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