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Secrets to Recruit Your Ideal Freedom Team

Secrets to Recruit Your Ideal Freedom Team

July 22, 2008

Plus, a killer job ad that you've got to see for yourself

Tip: Don't write your jobs ads just to recruit candidates. Your ads should both pull in the candidates you want to hire, and push away those who wouldn't do well in your culture.

If the job opportunity looks good to everybody, then it's not effective at all because it's too general. Use specific language in your job ads to attract the candidates who are most suited for you. If they have to be self-starters and work independently, tell them to expect very little supervision and to be ready to work on their own. But, remind them that they will be held accountable for their actions.

Jeremy Shapiro, a very successful entrepreneur and real estate guru, who grew frustrated after spending 9 months searching for an assistant, re-engineered his job ad and hiring process and hired two assistants in two weeks. 

This is not your typical job ad. It amounted to two pages of copy on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and reads more like a letter than an ad. A teaser ad ran on Craigslist.com and linked to the longer ad on his website.

The letter described the duties of the job, the personality needed to do the job, details about what he's NOT looking for, details about him, information about what they do at the company, where the applicant would be working, the hours required and what to expect in the job.

Next, candidates asked to fill out a formal application. All the applications are reviewed and the top applicants are asked to fill out a 3-page questionaire that asks them what excites them the most about the job, what their references will probably say about them and more details about the skills needed to peform the job.

Result: Out of 233 applicants, he invited 20 in for interviews and over a several week period he hired three assistants.

Another tip: Tell your prospects about your work environment. Is it relaxed? Deadline-driven? Is it a start-up? Is the culture more corporate?. Most people are afraid to do this. They don't want to turn anybody away, but it's a big mistake.

The right candidates will be attracted by your candor. Also, your ad will stand out among all the other dry, boring ads that fill most job boards and classified ads and will result in more qualified applicants.