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The Core Competency Wizard

The Core Competency Wizard

July 28, 2008

As a leader, you're constantly being pulled in dozens of different directions. That's why it's important to reassess how you're spending your time and energy. There's no better time than right now. This exercise will help you make sure you're working in your core competency so you're making the most of your skills and talents. (You'll need a blank sheet of paper for this exercise.)

Part 1: List the things that you worked on last week. Include even the most routine tasks.

Part 2: Label each task you listed in Part 1 with the corresponding letter or letters from the key below. The labels indicate the activities that '

B = Benefit you to help you reach your goals.
E = give you Enjoyment.
S = take advantage of your Strengths.
T = allow you to use your Talents.

Example: You have regular meetings with your ad agency which you enjoy, but you don't feel you're leveraging your strengths. You'd therefore place a BE beside the activity. Or, if you're negotiating with vendors and it's something you enjoy because it uses your strengths and talents and helps you achieve your goals, place the letters BEST beside it.

Part 3: Circle those activities that you labeled as BEST (using all 4 letters). Those are your core competencies and these are the areas where you should be spending 80% of your time and energy. Next, underline those that you listed as a B and either an E, S, or T. These are also important because they help you achieve your goals and they do leverage some of your strengths.

Part 4: Place a star beside all those activities that you just labeled with a B. These activities should be delegated. They'll help you reach your goals and should therefore still be pursued, but you're probably not the best person to do them. Finally, put a line through those activities that are simply an E, S or T. These are activities you enjoy by they should either be removed from your schedule or done on your own time because they don't benefit the business.

The goal is to figure out where you're spending your time and energy and focus more on those things that are in your core competency and help you achieve your business goals.