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What Your Prospects WANT More Than Anything Right Now!

What Your Prospects WANT More Than Anything Right Now!

October 22, 2008

Okay, enough worrying about the economy.

It is what it is and there's nothing you can do to change it. So the question I have to ask you is: What are you doing to help your prospects?

I don't want to hear what you can't do! Tell me about what you CAN do!

Sorry for the tough love, but you have customers and prospects who are looking for one thing right now. They want solutions that will help them feel better and make their lives simpler.

Unlike the investment advice you may be hearing, sitting still and doing nothing won't work - if you want to stay in business. This is an opportunity for you to set yourself apart from every other competitor and really stand out in the minds of your prospects. I'll show you how.

No time to gloat

This is no time to feel sorry for yourself and do nothing.

One refinance business I know is overwhelmed with calls right now from homeowners who want to consolidate their credit card debt. To the refinance company's credit, they actually increased their marketing spending in the last several weeks. On one of its postcard mailers, they included the heading: Give yourself a bailout!

It tapped into an emotion that every person is feeling right now: "If large corporations with CEOs earning $35 million a year are getting a bailout, where's my bailout?"

What's the pain your customers and prospects are feeling right now? What are they talking about? What do the need?

As entrepreneurs, we need to go back to the most basic principles of running a business. I'm assuming you've already determined your core competency and you're already leveraging what you do better than anyone else. (If you haven't already done that, take some time to ask yourself what your strengths are and how you can use them to better position your product or service.)

How to begin turning around sales

To set yourself apart, it's important to go back to my 8 Irresistible Laws of Marketing. Here's a primer on my top 3 to get you started and begin turning around your sales.

1. Identify your hungry fish. Many business owners make the mistake of asking what products they can sell. Wrong! Begin by asking first what your hungry fish want, need or desire right now. What's keeping them up at night? Then position your product or service to help ease their pain.

2. Develop your irresistible bait. Your offer should be something so compelling your hungry fish would be foolish to receive. For example, the refinance company that's doing so well is offering a free, confidential quote showing how they can save homeowners money on their monthly bills. What next step can your hungry fish take with you that won't cost them much money - if any, but still gets them to take action?

3. What's your POOBA? What's your Promise of an Obvious, Obvert, Benefit Always? This is your big promise that tells everyone what your product or service can do that's better than everyone else. (Example: "You'll get 30% more miles per gallon with this additive" or, "You'll get the biggest legal refund allowed by the IRS - guaranteed or your money back!")

The key is to begin with what your prospects want or need. It doesn't begin with what you have on the shelf that you want to get out the door. It all begins with your hungry fish. And right now they're looking for solutions from anyone who will help them. Will that be you?

Taking you from where you are to where you want to go,