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You Won't Believe This Until You See It

You Won't Believe This Until You See It

October 02, 2008

A part of me is excited to share this you because I think it's so incredible. But a part of me is also deeply saddened by it too.

You see, I've volunteered to work with a wonderful man who started a program called Kids Kicking Cancer.

Elimelech Goldberg is a professor, but he's also a black belt in the martial arts and a father who lost his first child to leukemia in 1983. He's now helping other kids with cancer see themselves not as victims of the disease, but as capable and important participants in their own healing using martial arts and meditation.

It's absolutely incredible to see these young children not let the disease rob them of their energy, enthusiasm and joy for living as they kick and flip each other on the mats.

He teaches them how to endure painful treatments and confront their own mortality by tapping into their inner spirit or soul. It really is amazing to see.

Check it out at http://www.kidskickingcancer.net/Video.html

I'm sharing it with you because these kids are a tremendous inspiration and I encourage you to share it with your friends and family. Go to http://www.kidskickingcancer.net/Video.html

And if you think what these kids are doing is incredible, just wait until next week! I've got even more to share that will blow you away ...

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