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You won't believe the conversation I just had - I still can't get over it

You won't believe the conversation I just had - I still can't get over it

April 16, 2009

I just had an amazing conversation with someone I've been following for about 15 years and I'm still pinching myself because it just proves the power of the Law of Abundance.

This one conversation has opened up so many doors and opportunities for both of us. It's truly amazing.

Let me explain. Perhaps you know the name Jim Cecil. He's co-author of the book Nurturing Customer Relationships and is the creator of the concept 'nurture marketing' (nuturemarketing.com). He always has great ideas about how to create customer loyalty and how to sell without ever having to do cold calls. In fact, he's our guest on this month's teleseminar so Gold Members you'll want to listen to the CD when your newsletter arrives later this month.

Well, like I said, I've been following Jim's work for years. And out of the blue, he called me the other day to talk about the work we do with Lumpy Mail. By the way, the most effective tool he's found to get the attention of high-level executives is using (you guessed it) ' Lumpy Mail. I was shocked he called and I was excited to talk with him because we hit it off from the start!


The Law of Abundance: A better way to live and work

He openly shared ideas. I shared with him my ideas that would help him. But here's what's interesting. We both provide marketing expertise for clients. We both provide coaching for senior executives and business owners. Most people would probably look at us as competitors.

Instead, we both came to the conclusion that we can benefit more by helping each other. We both operate under the Law of Abundance. The Law of Abundance says: I will give and not worry about getting anything in return because I understand there's always more to gain by giving. Neither one of us worried about what we may lose. We only thought about how to create a win-win because we see the world as a pie that only increases in size when we work together.

Like I always say: 'It's much better to have small slice of a big pie than it is to have a big slice of nothing at all.'

Unfortunately, I see a lot of business owners operating under the Law of Scarcity, which says: I will only give when I have something to gain. The problem is that you're always worried about losing. You're worried about losing the next deal. You're worried about sharing ideas because someone may beat you to it. You're worried about your next call so you don't give the people you're working with enough attention.
Who would you rather work with?

Living by the Law of Abundance isn't easy, however, especially right now. You will get burned. Some people will take ' and never give back. I've been burned several times. And it still hurts. But don't let that stop you because the Law of Abundance says you will always gain more by giving.


How can you apply the Law of Abundance?

And now is the time to share your expertise with others because it will open doors. In my phone call with Jim, we talked about several new ventures that I'm very excited about. And by working together, I know we can achieve more.

Is there a competitor or colleague you respect with whom you can start a conversation? Who else operates under the Law of Abundance with whom you can share ideas?

Let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear your story.

Taking you from where you are to where you want to go,