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Additional Resources

Additional Resources

June 05, 2008

Scenario-Building: A System to Build a Knowledge Base

Here is a good example of scenario-building using yes-no statements to create a decision tree. With every step, the user is guided through the process using the mind map.


Flow Charting: A Powerful Method of Show 'n Tell

In this example, the flow chart shows the process step-by-step for handling a short sale for real estate professionals.


Mind-Mapping: A tool That Uses Both Sides of the Brain

The following 3 examples are illustrations of what a mind map may look like when completed. Each one begins with a goal or idea in the center that spawn other related ideas.


Here is an example of a mind map. Notice how one idea just flows from another. The different colors and text allows you to use different sides of the brain to encourage more creativity.


This last example of a mind map, actually illustrates the process of mind mapping.