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Don't even think of trying this at home

Don't even think of trying this at home

January 15, 2012

Leave my kids alone in the bedroom long enough and they'll be giggling and jumping on the bed.

I don't blame them! It's a blast.

I remember as a kid feeling as if I could jump up and down all day and never get hurt, because I could just fall on the mattress - unless I missed and crashed to the floor! That's when I usually had to stop.

Daniel Browning Smith used to do the same thing as a kid in his home in Meridian, Mississippi. Except he would also do something neither I nor any of his friends could do - he jumped off his bunk bed and landed in a sideways split on the floor. A sideways split! That hurts just thinking about it!

His father didn't yell at him. He was so amazed he grabbed several books from the library on contortionists for Daniel. Within a few years, Daniel was doing all the tricks the old circus performers did in the pictures.

But you won't believe what 'Rubber Boy' can do now... I'll show you. I was blown away and you will too. But I'm sure you're asking: 'What does a contortionist have to do with you and your business?' Everything. Here's why:

Daniel Browning Smith turned his passion for jumping off the bed and doing splits as a kid into an art form to become the World's Most Flexible Man.

Over the years, Daniel learned how to contort his body so he could literally bend over backwards, wrap both knees (not his feet - his knees!) behind his head and stuff himself into a box - even a mailbox! Not tricks! No mirrors! Just a few dislocated shoulders, hips and elbows and he's in!

It's a talent he developed to win theGuinness World Records and now holds claim to the title of 'The World's Most Flexible Man.' You may have even seen him in commercials, TV shows, movies and maybe even at a half-time performance.

Want a free copy of The Guinness Book of World Records? See our challenge at the bottom.

So should you start stretching more? Or start jumping off your bed and trying different moves? No, you're too old and you'll get hurt ;)

You may not be able to stuff yourself into a box like "Rubber Boy" (don't even try it!), but everyone and every business has something unique and something so different that they can become the world's best. Read on to see what others have done...

Instead, my point is that Daniel found himself a niche and went on to become the world's best. There are thousands of contortionists around the world, but only one can claim the title as the 'world's most flexible man.' And everyone knows him as the world's best. He created a BIG ZIG!

Let me ask you: What can you do that would make you the world's best? What's your BIG ZIG? I know you are thinking 'I'm not the world's best at anything.' Hogwash! It's not as hard as you think. I have an exercise (no stretching required!) to help you come up with a few ideas that I'll share in a moment.

The Guinness World Records built an entire industry on never-before-heard-of titles. Smart business leaders can be the best at SOMETHING, and go on to gain media exposure and publicity (FREE marketing!), word-of-mouth advertising (more FREE marketing!), increased sales, thousands of YouTube views - I think you get the point.

Do you have to actually earn a Guinness World Record? No. Simply by trying to set a record you'll get tons of exposure, but of course it's always best to be able to say you set a world record. Very cool!

Why is it so important? So you're not like every other competitor. Being the same as everybody else is the kiss of death. When you want to grow your company there's nothing worse than OBSCURITY.

Real Estate Investment Guru Jason Rodriguez is the only one in the world who can claim that he can teach anyone how to buy and sell a property in 2 weeks and make $10,000.

Lots of real estate investment trainers promise they can quickly buy and sell real estate but only ONE, Jason Rodriguez, a Brand Launcher client, created the Extreme Real Estate Challenge. He proved that you could drop him anywhere in America and he could teach anyone how to buy and sell a property in 2 weeks and the person could earn $10,000 cash on the deal - and he did! He's the only we know in the world who has ever done anything like it and he generated thousands of followers as a result!

Bob Chandler holds the record for the World's Tallest, Wildest and Heaviest Monster Truck." What began as a publicity stunt in front of his truck parts and accessories store soon evolved into an entire monster truck industry grabbing the attention of the entire world.

Look, it can be done in ANY INDUSTRY, EVEN YOURS. In my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, Bob Chandler had a truck parts store. Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G. But he created a BIG ZIG when he created the monster truck industry.

Starting with a pick-up in front of his truck parts & accessories store, he added larger and larger wheels to the truck until he could barely fit it under the stop lights on the street. Before long, he was smashing cars with it at the fair as the crowd cheered him on with his now famous Bigfoot truck – the "World's Tallest, Widest, and Heaviest Monster Truck," according to Guinness World Records.

A small garden and nursery store created a buzz in Rupert, Idaho (and the world!) when it created the World's Largest Straw Maze.

But what could a garden and nursery center do to become the world’s best at something?


You’ll love this idea … Garden Cents in Rupert, Idaho created the world’s largest straw bale maze, called the Mega Maze, with 3-foot high walls, go-karts, a bean pit and a pyramid that reached 3 stories high. It then turned into a Haunted Maze for Halloween featuring zombies, a mad scientist, witches and trolls. Think that created a buzz? You bet it did!

No one can miss the World's Largest Cedar Rocker that sits more than 2-stories tall in front of Texas Hill Country Furniture & Mercantile.

How about a mundane furniture store? Texas Hill Country Furniture and Mercantile features the world’s largest cedar rocking chair in front of its store. It’s the best publicity for the small furniture story.

Everyone knows it as the one with the giant rocker standing more than 2-stories tall. Even visitors can’t miss it!

To generate awareness for the need for socks, underwear and diapers for New England’s children and infants, Project Undercover Inc. created the world’s largest sock. Measuring 3-stories tall, that’s a big sock!

A lot of running events are held on Thanksgiving morning, but the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot is the only one in the world that holds the title for hosting an event with the largest number of people dressed as turkeys!

Dallas YMCA decided to do something different for its annual road race and fundraiser on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone dressed in a turkey costume. TV cameras and reporters came out to cover the event to witness thousands of racers set the Guinness World Record as having the most people dressed as turkeys. And because of the overwhelming support, the YMCA is on its way to reaching its $50,000 fundraising goal.

What would an online marketing firm do? That’s what the team at Hubspot asked themselves and they came up with hosting the world’s largest webinar with more than 10,000 attendees.

What can an architecture firm be the world's best at? BRR Architecture in Missouri answered the call by creating the world's largest can pyramid!

How about a small engineering firm? BRR Architecture in Missouri created the world’s largest can pyramid with more than 17,000 cans that they stacked over a 7-hour period.

Incredible, huh? There are categories not yet even created that someone – maybe you? – could claim as the world’s best.

Want to claim your FREE copy of the Guinness Book of World Records? Then simply send an email to JonGoldman@BrandLauncher with the subject line: Guinness World Record Challenge and explain in your email how you could set a record with your business or your group of friends or family. The best 8 ideas will get a free copy. “Best” means that it is creative, and would help attract positive attention to your business.

To get you started here are 4 important questions to ask as you come up with your best idea for Guinness World Record:

1. What do you do? List them.

2. What small things or processes do you have that can be magnified?

3. How can you exaggerate that idea? How can you make it the: 

  • Biggest? 
  • Smallest? 
  • Fastest? 
  • Strongest 
  • Slowest? 
  • Largest?

4. What can you do that others would want to join in to give you the most participation? Examples: worlds’ largest jump-rope event, largest marshmallow fight, largest exercise class, etc.)


Got a world record idea for your business? Send us your best idea as part of Guinness World Record Challenge and if you're selected as one of the top 8 best ideas you'll win a FREE copy of the Guinness Book of World Records. Send your best idea to JonGoldman@BrandLauncher.com

Have fun with it. Ask the question “What if?” Just write it down, don’t kill it as not possible or practical. Dream a bit. You will be surprised that where there is a will, there is a way!

Simply email us at JonGoldman@BrandLauncher.com with your best idea to set a world record as part of theGuinness World Record Challenge. The top 8 best ideas win a FREE copy of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Then give it a shot. Promote it. Publicize it with local media. You’ll be amazed at the exposure you’ll get as you try to become the world’s best.

The last thing you want to do is be just like everyone else. Stand out. Set yourself apart from your competitors. Create a buzz and make your company known for something no one has ever been able to do before.

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman, President & CEO 
Brand Launcher