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*Don't read this unless you have guts*

*Don't read this unless you have guts*

May 01, 2016

Chances are that you've seen it. After all, it's statistically one of the most viral online ads of all time.

It's generated over 114 million views on Youtube so far.1

Check it out:

Click the image below to watch


Dove soap had a huge problem. It was a boring commodity and their marketing was failing to really grow their sales until this one big idea.


If you haven’t seen it yet, here's the rundown of the wildly successful ad, Dove's Real Beauty Sketches. A group of women are asked to describe their features to an FBI trained forensic artist. The artist doesn't see them and draws a sketch of each woman based on her description. Then, someone else describes the woman to the artist who sketches another picture based on that description. The results are shocking.

Their tagline captures it: "You're more beautiful than you think."


It's powerful. It's emotional. It's empowering.


But this video didn't come out of the blue. It's part of a decade long marketing campaign produced by Dove to improve women's self esteem, a campaign which Ad Age dubbed the most "successful advertising campaign of the 21st century."2


Listen up, because this campaign nearly doubled Dove's revenue over the past 10 years. Not bad for a company that was already leading in its industry a decade ago.


They have one trick up their sleeve that makes them particularly successful. It's not because their products are inherently better or their packaging is newer and slicker.


It's because they understand the power of specific emotions of their hungry fish.


This video, along with their other extraordinarily popular videos about women's anxiety and negative body image, pulls on your heart strings. It taps into a vulnerable, private place that nearly all woman share and provides comfort and strength. It strikes a chord, gets shared, and goes viral.


Over time, Dove became larger than a soap company. It's a movement. (What movement are you leading?) Slowly, millions of women subconsciously began to associate the Dove brand with self-esteem and a positive body image. Bingo, they've won. Because people keep coming back to what makes them feel good about themselves.


Here’s the catch most business leaders think too small. Way too small. They only think about themselves and their product.




I can’t tell you how many times we have taken members through the process of walking through a day in the life of their prospects. For example, when speaking to a Debt Buying Company (a company that buys other companies bad debt at a discount and then tries to collect them), we asked them, "what’s a day like in the life of your prospect who’s  a VP in a Bank?" Their first response is almost always off target. They tell us, “they only want the best deal for their portfolio. It’s all about the money. They want to know what software we use. They want to get three estimates.”  


NO, NO, NO. It’s all wrong.


Then they try again and a little light bulb goes off.  Once we can get them into the shoes of their prospect and into his heart and head, they see something totally different. They start to empathize with him as a human.


We ask them the bomb question: WHAT KEEPS THEM UP AT NIGHT?


Then they really start thinking bigger than their product or service. They realize, “Oh, they are under huge pressure to make their numbers. The bank as an institution doesn’t really respect them or their department, so they feel like second class citizens in the bank. They have more pressure to produce results and less time and resources to get it done.”  (You can read about the journey how debt buyers get into the heart, head and gut of their prospects HERE in our book “From Bad Paper to Good Business,” a fascinating underworld of debt buying and how it really works.)


Once they go through the process of walking a mile in their prospects moccasins, they tell a very different marketing story, one with heart and connection. Their prospects feel understood, and people do business with people who understand them. “Seek first to understand, then be understood.” – Stephen R. Covey.


This was the secret of Dove’s success. They got bigger than soap. They got into the specific emotions of their prospects – women’s negative, obsessive self-image and focus on physical beauty.


The 4P’s are Dead


When I was in college, I started the largest student run marketing and PR agency in America and we proudly focused on the 4P’s of marketing. But marketing has changed. Brian Fetherstonhaugh  says the famous 4 P's of marketing - Product, Place, Price, Promotion- are outdated. They've turned into the 4 E's- Experience, Everyplace, Exchange, Evangelism.3 Simply put, we're in a new era of marketing. What worked yesterday won't work today.


The last "P" is Promotion. See, marketing used to be all about blasting your brand everywhere so people would notice you, then hopefully buy your products. And back then it worked; simple "broadcasting" was enough. But now we're bombarded with messages. On average we're exposed to 362 ads a day.4That means that we see an ad roughly every 13 minutes!


That means to get your message across you need  Promotion simply won’t cut it. What will? Evangelism. You need your customers to be passionate about your brand. Your message has to be so compelling that they not only relate to it, but want to share it. You have to be more than a product, you have to be inspiring.


I know what you're thinking now, "Jon, that sounds nice (especially if you have a multi-million dollar marketing budget), but come on. I'm a landscaping company, a debt buyer, or an awards and personalization business owner. I can't create evangelism with my company!"


Not true! We've seen it work time and again for our members.


But you're right: it doesn't happen overnight. A passionate and devoted fan base takes time and energy to build up. But you're wrong. It can be done with your brand too. Remember, we're talking about what Dove, a soap brand, did!


Don't believe us? We'll prove it to you.

Invest 15 minutes with our complimentary Passion Launcher and you’ll get 3 practical steps to creating a passionate customer base for your company. If this quick exercise doesn’t yield 3 implementable ideas, we'll mail you a $100 check.*


*Valid for the first 10 respondents. Why are we willing to do this? Because it’s about something more than money for us. We’re passionate about really empowering our readers and members.


CLICK HERE to put us to the test.


The big secret is using the power of 5 specific emotions. Dove tapped into a deep emotional subject that 98% of women relate to.5 They enrolled their customers in their story and got them passionate about their mission: improving the world by improving women's self-esteem. And it worked.


Enroll your customers' hearts, not just their heads. Find out what makes them tick. What are their fears, desires, hopes? Tap into those emotions and offer a solution that connects them to your company.*


After being responsible for millions of dollars of marketing and hundreds of campaigns we've boiled down all emotional triggers that make people buy into what we call the 5 Emotional Hot Buttons. Take a look and ask yourself how you can use these Emotional Hot Buttons to create an evangelical customer base:


1. Desire to Avoid Pain and Stress

2. Fear of Loss

3. Desire to Look Good

4. Desire for Comfort and Pleasure

5. Desire to Save


Discover more about these Emotional Hot Buttons and how to use them to increase sales HERE.


*There's a major warning with using this game changing technique. You must promise to constantly ask yourself this one question: am I using my customers' emotions to draw them closer to my brand to help them or just to make more money?


If you're not genuinely proving value, you're being unethical and manipulative. It's dangerous territory and you have to be brutally honest with yourself.


This isn't just good business practice, but I've noticed that the happiest, most fulfilled people are those who use peoples' emotions to help them as opposed to manipulate them. It's good life practice.


Don’t put this email off. Invest 10 minutes now while you are thinking about. Invest in yourself now and reap the rewards starting tomorrow.




Taking you from where you are to where you want to be,

Jon Goldman


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