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Good Promise, Good Use of Report But Could Be Much Stronger ... Here's How.

Good Promise, Good Use of Report But Could Be Much Stronger ... Here's How.

July 07, 2008

I recently came across this ad in my issue of Personal Real Estate Investor magazine. This ad has a lot of good things about it, but there's quite a bit that could have been done better.

By the way, the promise is absolutely true. If interested, I have info about how to learn more below.

1. The ad is positioned perfectly for a target audience of real estate investors. The headline and the promise speak to the desire among among real estate professionals to make money, tax-free.

2. It also includes a strong promise presented concisely and intriguing enough for someone to want to learn more.

3. Anytime you have a wad of cash presented like this, even if it is coming from Uncle Sam, it cheapens the message. Other images that would work just as strong is a tax return with a refund included or a picture of an investment property with the amount of tax-free money earned.

4. Obviously, this is a complex topic that can't be fully discussed in an ad so offering a report is a good solution. It's also an excellent lead generation tool. However, this is also where they drop the ball. The report is more marketing than substance. Be sure that when you offer a report, even if it's free, that it's also informative. Otherwise, your prospects may feel duped. Also, even though I've received the report, I haven't received any follow-up offers afterwards. What a missed opportunity!

5. I'm never a big fan of a generic 'limited time' offer. Give a date and time with a very specific deadline, and then keep to that deadline. You'll create more urgency and the sense of scarcity, which will increase response.

If you're interested in learning more about this investment opportunity, I suggest you contact my friend, client and Business GPS Gold Member, Adiel Gorel of ICG Real Estate Investments, at 800-324-3983.