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Great Ideas to Overcome the "Big 3" Challenges in Direct Marketing

Great Ideas to Overcome the "Big 3" Challenges in Direct Marketing

March 19, 2008

Here is a list of some of the best ideas to get your prospects to rip open your marketing, read it and respond!

Send your marketing in a mailing tube

6" Dynamite Colored Mailing Tube (with wick)

Explode your response rates and send them through the roof with this colored mailing tube.

This mailer will blow your old response rates out of the water. Our clients have gotten HUGE results using it. The tube's fiery red color looks like a faux stick of dynamite for fun. Add the wick for even more bang for your buck. This mailer starts working for you the second it arrives because it creates urgency and excitement even before it's opened. Some of our members tell us this mailer is addictive.

Why do they keep using it? (After all, a colored cardboard mailing tube costs more than an envelope.) Because even though it costs more, the overall return on investment is much greater since everyone opens it up and gets more involved with the mailing. Once they start using this colored mailing tube, they say they can't go back to sending plain envelopes again. The response rates are just too good.

Be creative. Mail a watermelon?

It's true. We stuck a mailing label and return address on a watermelon, took it to the post office and mailed it'sometimes 1st class, sometimes 3rd class. To our great surprise every watermelon was delivered the next day!

Why did we mail a watermelon? Because we wanted to use the power of Lumpy Mail to break through the clutter. (And because we wanted to see if we could actually do it.) The experiment makes a big point about how the incredible power of lumpy mail can get your prospects' attention.

The Disadvantages: The watermelon had an enormous impact but was outrageously expensive, too heavy, a huge hassle, unpredictable, not designed to include a 'sales letter' and not reproducible.

The Advantages: We used what we learned from our watermelon experience to create an entire line of Lumpy Mail products. (You might say it was a fruitful endeavor.)

Put your message in a bottle and send it

8.5" Junior size Message in a Bottle (Wine Bottle)

Literally rolls to the top of the pile and screams, "Open me NOW"

What's the single biggest problem with direct mail marketing? Answer: It never gets opened. Flat mail = Flat Response! Now, you can guarantee your mailer will get opened. How? Send it in a "Message in a Bottle."

Why does this mailer work so well? Because it demands attention! How would you like to have a 58% response rate? That's what one of our members, FDI Inc. received using "Message in a Bottle." Don't be surprised if your recipients are so impressed with you that they call and ask how you came up with such a clever idea. (It actually happens to our members all of the time!)

Get your prospects to read your offer with the "Secret Opening Sponge"

Secret Message "Expand-a-Sponge"

This is how P.T. Barnum got rich. Use his technique of irresistible curiosity to motivate people to open up their wallets for you.

This mailer uses the power of intrigue and "busy fingers" to get prospects involved with your offer. They practically run to the sink. Wow! If only you could include a hidden camera and watch how eveyone who gets this is hypnotically forced to open it, read your letter, and compelled to dip it in water and respond to your offer.

This sponge is "Magic" because it is printed on the outside with an enticing teaser question. The sponge is printed on both sides then folded in half and compressed with 100,000 pounds of pressure. Your "secret" message is printed inside but only revealed once they dip the sponge in warm water.

Best of all, your message stays behind for weeks, months, even years, like a salesman constantly reminding them to call you.

Here's an offer you can take to the bank

Never underestimate the emotional power of moolah.

This mailer is like money in the bank.

If you are trying to convince someone that they can make money or save money using your product or service...this is the piece for you. It's an actual bank deposit bag. The same ones that banks use. It plays on the biggest emotional need people have, MONEY. They say money talks. We say money talks your prospects into jumping on your offer.

How it Works:
We will print a headline and your contact information right on the bag. It comes with an actual "Tamper Proof" envelope that is used for real secured bank drop offs. Put your label right on the envelope and mail it with your letter inside! Your prospects will keep it and will be more likely to respond to your message.

The grand daddy of lumpy mail!

If we had to pick just one lumpy mailer this may be it.

Here's why. Because it has "chutzpah." You see after we write a letter- we CRUMPLE IT UP. That's right, crumple it, then STUFF IT into the trash can. Watch what happens when your prospect gets your crumpled letter.

They can't help but uncrumple it and read every word. They want to know who had enough guts and genius to send them a letter like this. It comes with its own special mailing box so all you have to do is crumple up your letter, insert it in the trash can, put it in the box, add a stamp and mail it.