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The greatest business secret I've ever told is now yours...

The greatest business secret I've ever told is now yours...

July 29, 2010
Jon Goldman


Ever get a fortune cookie with this note inside: 'Help! I'm trapped in a Chinese fortune cookie factory!'

That one always cracks me up.

It also tends to hit close to home for a lot of people I talk with. They feel trapped in their own business. They can't seem to make it any better for themselves. They can't quit and find another job. In fact, many of them are good at what they do ' so good that they can't do anything else. They're trapped! They're stuck!

They probably feel like sending out their own help message! 'Help! I'm trapped in my own business and I can't get out!'

Maybe you feel the same way at times. I know I did. I went through a very similar experience that led to an incredible breakthrough that took 20 years for me to finally discover.

Today, I sincerely believe it's the most powerful business secret ever told. I've been sharing it with clients now for years and it's the single biggest reason for their success.

Imagine if you were to study all of the great thinkers from history and you discovered that there is one central truth to all of them ' and it's been proven successful over and over in every type of business ' wouldn't you get excited about that? Well, that's exactly what happened to me. But it just didn't happen either. It was a slow pain-staking process that finally came together just recently. And when it did, even I was blown away!

First, I think it's important for you to understand how the secret came about. My breakthrough discovery began more than 20 years ago when I won Harvard University's Achievement Award for creating the world's largest student-run advertising and PR agency.

You see, I was raised in a family of advertisers and marketers so that business is near and dear to me. Some people were brought up to be doctors and lawyers. I was somehow brought up to be in advertising and marketing.

I made a name for myself with some crazy ideas running the ad agency. To help advertise the college bookstore's book buy-back program, I brought in several junker cars that students could hit with a sledge hammer after they had sold their books back to the bookstore following a grueling week of final exams.

Some professors hated it. The students loved it! And the national media ate it up. In fact, it was the most successful book buy-back program the bookstore ever had.

Not long afterwards, I received lots of offers to work at ad agencies but I turned them all down and decided to travel the world instead.

Nearly stabbed by a Greek farmer with a pitchfork ... escaped a stampede of wild horses ... sailed the Nile and much more

I'll give you short version but needless to say it was an amazing experience beginning with plans I made with three friends to meet at the Acropolis and go to Tanzania to buy a Land Rover, then drive along the Nile and Sudan and drink blood with Zulus.

I opted-out of that plan but it gives you a sense of the type of adventure I was looking for.

Instead, I choose the 'Eastern path' and bought a one-way ticket going east around the world. From there I went on to tour Europe. I had a crazy rule ' if I didn't get invited in by locals I would sleep outside in my tent. I woke up in some scary places such as on a divider in the middle of a highway in Brussels, a lava beach in Greece where a man wanted to stab me with his pitchfork because I was sleeping in his fishing spot and I narrowly escaped getting my head crushed by a stampede of horses one early morning at the base of a mountain while still in my sleeping bag.

Here is the island of Stromboli where I lived for a time amid one of Europe's most active volcanoes.

I lived for a while on the island of Stromboli with seismologists who were studying the island's volcanic activity and while in Spain I managed managed a health and personal development center in Spain.

That's where I heard about a Buddhist monastery.

So I borrowed a motorcycle and made my way up the mountains to the monastery, called O Sel Ling. While there, I helped them build a summer camp and learned to meditate. I changed my name to Tenpe Chopill and became a devout Buddist under Lama Zopa. I continued on my journey through Spain ' fasted for a week and lived with a friend in a cave for a week. Next, we climbed a remote mountain at the top of a waterfall where we went on a speech fast for a week and blind folded myself for several days to experience what it would be like to be blind.

I learned how to 'Alpine' ski on the hard morning snow ' practiced Tai Chai at sunrise ' and sailed a falukha up the Nile to an island in Egypt that was ruled by a 400-pound primitive man who looked at me and said, 'white boy eat salt fish' and I proceeded to some type of disgusting sardine.

A breakthrough was beginning to take shape ...

After returning to the states, I traveled back to Israel where I spent several years and studied Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Ultimately, I met my wife to be there while I was working and teaching (even though she was originally from Philadelphia).

We returned to America and the corporate world hadn't changed, but I had. I didn't know it then, but the breakthrough was beginning to take shape deep within me.

There was still more to learn. I went to work in advertising and promotions and eventually sold my share as co-owner of one of the largest promotion companies in the country. At the time, the company was #26 out of 24,000. I saw a lot of businesses come and go during that time and I got a front-row seat as I saw what was working and what was not.

Although the business was very profitable and we were enjoying great success, I was frustrated. At the agency, the solution to every problem is restricted to advertising and promotion. That was the nature of the business. But as I had grown, I saw that advertising wasn't always the solution to a business owner's problems. My adventures overseas had forced me to look beyond what was needed at the moment. I saw there was much more to it.

I sold out of that business so I could create Brand Launcher and Business GPS to offer business owners a total transformation of their business using the secrets I've learned. Since then, I've worked with thousands of business owners helping them increase sales, add more prospects and achieve a balance between work and family.

The most valuable secret revealed '

And the most valuable secret I learned is what I call the Secret of the Watermelon.

Let me explain. With most fruit you can simply bite into it and work your way towards the center, like an apple or organe. Not a watermelon. To eat a watermelon, you first have to cut it open and actually eat it from the inside-out.

To effectively turn around a business, you must begin from the inside ' just like you would eat a watermelon. You see, at the center of every business should be the leader ' you!

To understand the secret of the watermelon, picture an archery target and you're in the middle. Everything else ' your marketing and sales teams, your staff and your systems ' all revolve around you. The secret is that the business begins with you and everything supports you.

Most businesses don't run that way. Most business owners try to figure out how they need to serve the business and then try to adapt. But that doesn't work!

Your business begins with you as the business owner. Everything else in the business revolves around you. Your marketing, your sales force and your teams and systems that will give you the freedom to leverage your talents are all designed to support you as the owner.

That's the Secret of the Watermelon. To grow your business you must first start on the inside ' you. Then work your way out to build the systems and teams that will support you.

To find out more about how to put this secret to work in your business, download a copy of my FREE e-book, Secret of the Watermelon. I show you step-by-step how to apply this amazing principle to your own business. If you already have a copy, feel free to share it with a colleague or your staff who may not have seen it yet. Just send them this link: http://www.watermelonsecret.com/

Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go,


Jon Goldman



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