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Here's one that will grab their attention!

Here's one that will grab their attention!

March 09, 2009

What's the number one goal in marketing? To get your prospects to respond, right? But first, we have to get their attention. Here's one that does just that. In fact, just the other day as I was standing by the trash can going through my mail and figuring which ones to throw away and which ones to open when I saw what appeared to be a check. It was one of only two pieces of mail I didn't throw away that day.

I know it probably wasn't a real check but I didn't want to take that chance. Who would?

The point is that it got me to open it, which is the first rule of marketing.

This is one that I've used for real estate investors to help them find prospects who want to sell property that they've recently inherited. We even put 2 pennies on the check and added the headline on the letter with the check, 'For anyone who has inherited property, it's like getting pennies from heaven.'

Readers Digest mailed a penny as an offer for their publication. They asked that the penny be sent back in with the offer but because they mailed more one million pennies, they became so scarce the Treasury Department ordered them to cease and desist and required them to coordinate any future mailings with them.

In the meantime back at Readers Digest, the pennies were being returned en masse. However, the cost of removing the penny was more than a penny!!! So they turned the problem into a Public Relations bonanza and donated all the pennies to the Boy Scouts of America. This generated tremendous goodwill, publicity and Boy Scouts all across America spent part of their summer removing pennies and earning money!