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How to Recapture the "Spirit of the Business"

How to Recapture the "Spirit of the Business"

August 27, 2008

'I just don't enjoy the business anymore.'

Sound familiar? I hear it all the time from clients who find themselves running businesses that they're no longer passionate about. Somewhere, they lost what I call the 'spirit of the business.'

It's often the underlying reason why a business is no longer performing as well. Boredom, fatigue and burnout are usually cited as the most common reasons business owners sell, but those are just symptoms of a much larger ill - the loss of 'spirit.'

When you started your business, you had a spirit in mind - an excitement that drove you to ignore the nay-sayers and to take a chance on an idea that inspired you at one time. This spirit put the energy and fun into the business. It transformed hours of work into sheer pleasure. It made you want to compete, launch new products and come up with new and innovative ideas in your marketing. It made you wake up early and get moving. It provided you with a sense of happiness.

That type of passion drove Martin Beck into medicine. He always knew he wanted to be a doctor from the time he was a young boy. But he didn't want to be just a regular doctor, he wanted to be a specialist in artificial limbs. You see, he had a brother who lost his hand to a car door. He saw his brother struggle. Martin helped his brother by making little devices so he could grasp things. He eventually went on to get his doctorate in Bio Medicine from Johns Hopkins University and then specialized in the engineering and design of prosthetics. Not long after he opened his practice, the demand for his expertise grow. He was so happy. He was helping people function in a world that was previously inaccessible to them. He had great satisfaction knowing he was making a difference in the lives of his patients.

As the spirit of the business fades, so does the passion

Nevertheless, as time wore on something tragic happened to him. It was almost imperceptible. At first, he just ignored it. He found himself spending more time dealing with government regulations, wading through insurance company procedures for payment and worrying about lawsuits and patent protection. After a period of time, he found himself in a quagmire of frustration and no longer operating in his core competency. The complexities of the business had taken over and he lost touch of his original 'spirit of the business'.

He realized he no longer enjoyed what he was doing and anymore. Fortunately, he was able to find that 'spirit' again and went on to leverage his core competency and develop his own line of prosthetics.

Whether you feel that 'spirit' is no longer in you or you feel that it's slipping away, now is the time to get it back.

Try the Spirit of the Wizard and put the spirit back into your business again ' the same excitement you felt when you started it.

When you created your business, you had a driving force in mind that made the business fun. That was the spirit of the your business. It's what made the business rewarding for you personally and financially. Over time, however, many of us lose that spirit. The Spirit of Your Business Wizard will help you get it back. (Use a separate sheet of paper to write your answers.)