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How to Find Ambassadors and Create an Ambassador Kit

How to Find Ambassadors and Create an Ambassador Kit

June 27, 2013

5 Essential Tools for Your Ambassador Kit

In a fast-paced sales environment, your only hope of keeping up is to have others selling for you.  These are your Ambassadors.  They can be employees or even, customers.  As long as they are ready and willing to help you sell, ambassadors can be a tremendous asset to your business. But, they need the tools to succeed -- and those tools are found in your Ambassador Kit. 

Below are three examples of how ambassadors can help you sell in different situations.  From each example, we have found some excellent tools to help you build your Ambassador Kit.  So let’s get started.

Your first tools, from Ambassadors: Using a prospect to sell into an organization                      

When ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment), a sales management strategy firm, introduced their "Convince Your Boss to Go ROWE" Kit, they included a couple of tools to help show proven results.  Consider these two selections for inclusion in your Ambassador Kit:

Tool # 1: Powerpoint overview of your business or organization

Tool # 2: PDFs featuring case studies

More tools, from Ambassadors, Getting current customers to recruit new members.  

How ACHE increased their Referrals Tenfold Using Tools from their Ambassador Kit

When the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), a Chicago-based international professional society of more than 40,000 healthcare executives, wanted to increase membership, they introduced their Leader to Leader Ambassador Program.  Included in their Ambassador Kit was: 

Tool # 3: A letter to send to prospective members explaining what the organization has to offer. 

ACHE also offered their Ambassadors:

Tool # 4: A rewards program.  Such a program features free products, free services or as ACHE used, points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Guess which reward was chosen the most?

(see the bottom of this page for the answer)


Thanks to the tools in their ambassador kit, the results of the Leader to Leader program were off the chart. ACHE went from 120 referrals a year to 1,111 referrals a year -- a tenfold increase in one year!



One last tool from Ambassadors: Bringing your business to an organization

Another example of a successful ambassador program comes from the Run for Your Life stores in Charlotte, North Carolina. They are co-sponsors of “Signature Event” races, and the proceeds of these races go to various charities. Tim Rhodes, a personal friend of mine and owner of three of the four Run for Your Life stores, explained that the ambassador program was one of the best things they had ever done. 

Ambassadors are signed up as Team Captains, building their own teams with colleagues from work, community members, or friends and neighbors. Team Captains are then asked to encourage their teams to get involved with the Signature Race series as runners, walkers, volunteers or cheerleaders.

One of 8 Events offered this year in the Run for Life Signature series


Team Captains have their own Ambassador Kits to entice team members.  It includes:

Tool # 5: Learning or educational sessions 

Run for Your Life includes a Lunch & Learn Session where representatives go to the Team Captain’s office or another location to host a 30-minute interactive learning session about the health and fitness benefits of running or walking. Depending on your business, your program could include anything from a financial planner talking about managing a portfolio to an expert on gardening talking about how to maintain a garden during rough weather.

Why Ambassadors Programs Work

There are many Hungry Fish out there, but throwing in a single line will make it hard to catch them all. To make matters worse, you’ll often find yourself going upstream, navigating through organizations that make decisions by committee and need multiple approvals before committing to anything.  Having Ambassadors who are empowered to act on your behalf gives you a tool most companies don’t bother to utilize.

By launching an Ambassador Program, you increase your sales efforts by having enthusiastic, rewards-driven Ambassadors who can spread the word about what your company does.  In the end, this results in more members, more leads, or more sales, depending on what results you are seeking.

So, Are Ready to Build a Brand Ambassador Program?  Here are Some Simple Steps

  1. Find Your Ambassadors.  Reach out to anyone who can help you sell!
  2. Develop your Ambassador Kit. Arm your Ambassadors with the tools they will need to engage people and bring them onboard.  Include the five tools we recommend for excellent results.
  3. Think “lifestyle.”  Have Ambassadors focus on the lifestyle around the products or services you offer, such as running for health and fitness or helping the environment.
  4. Reward Them.  One of our Lumpy Mail clients, the Direct Marketing Association of Washington, had the best membership recruitment campaign in history, growing their overall base by 10% in one campaign!  Why?  They offered a drawing for a trip to Switzerland.  Even if your rewards that are not that lofty, do some testing to determine what your Ambassadors would enjoy receiving.
  5. Monitor Your Results.  Are Ambassadors helping you achieve your desired goals?  Is membership on the rise?  Are you generating leads?  Whatever you are looking for, if Ambassadors are not achieving the desired results, you will need to review the program and adjust your program accordingly.

 In the end, an Ambassador Program can help you:

        Grow your reach significantly by dropping more lines in the water to get the Hungry Fish

        Provide you with an additional, cost-effective, rewards-driven marketing team 

 Always taking you from where you are to where you want to go.


Jon Goldman, President, Brand Launcher

P.S. The most chosen ACHE reward was the white polo shirt.