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How to "Show Your Spread" and Dramatically Increase Business

How to "Show Your Spread" and Dramatically Increase Business

February 25, 2013

What if I told you that you could increase the clicks on your website or your likes on Facebook by 200 percent? Don’t believe me? Read on.

Right now, I’m going to share with you the amazingly simple “show the spread” path to greater sales. You’ll scratch your head wondering why you did not try it before. By showing the spread, you can illustrate the dramatic difference in your business, product or service.

And dramatic differences are magical because they trigger customer purchase decisions.

Let’s start with a simple, entertaining exercise. Sit back and read this paragraph:


Easier to read than you thought? That’s because as we read, we take out bits of words within the context. If we understand several letters in a word, we can guess the others. Here’s another exercise about how we “see.”

Look at the left word below. What do you
  Look at the right word below. What do you see?

If you see the opposites - teach to learn, good to evil - it’s because I’m showing you a dramatic difference, which is not obvious at first. This is what your customer does unconsciously.

More than half of customer loyalty is a result not of what you sell, but how you sell it, discovered The Sales Executive Council, which surveyed 5,000 people from business owners to C-suite executives.

Let’s take a quiz on how you sell.

If you were in the weight loss business, how would you show the spread?

Answer? Use a powerful before and after comparison.

Before and After Wow!

Image: Courtesy of NBC’s Biggest Loser

Jeremy Britt—The $250,000 Grand Prize Winner!

Before: 389 pounds -  After: 190 pounds

Loss: 199 pounds - Percentage Loss: 51.16%




If you were in the upholstery business, how would you show the spread? 

Before:  Bandit did a number on this once beautiful antique chair that now sits dog-gnawed in the den.                             After: All new possibilities with luxe fabric and stained woods



The upholsterer could have simply told me the cost to redo my sofa.

But price is only a number. And it may not reflect the value of his work to me.  Price doesn’t tell me how good I’ll feel when I can look at, sit in it, and enjoy my sparkling new sofa, without Bandit’s teeth marks.

This upholstery shop gets my business.

Along with before and after illustration, you can use numbers as an illustrative tool to show the spread.

But be careful with the numbers. Liars use numbers and numbers can lie.

Numbers do lie. And so do people. One study found that people tell two to three lies every 10 minutes, and even conservative estimates indicate that we lie at least once a day, says U. S. News & World Report.

Experts say we all lie once a day

The point is, you must be extremely careful when using numbers in your sales process. Look beyond the obvious. Spot the real impact of those numbers. Use them effectively in explaining the facts to your customer. They need the truth to make an informed decision.

When Numbers Shine

At Brand Launcher, we love numbers to shine, especially in a dramatic turnaround story. One of our happy clients, Monique Allen's Garden Continuum in Medfield,MA, was inspired to work through our four-step Launch program.

Take a minute to read her story for an ultimate energizer.

So let’s walk the talk by showing the spread on Garden Continuum, and its double and triple-digit transformation. Look at the before and after measurement needles below. Not a business owner alive wouldn’t thrill to this performance. Great job, Monique and company.

This is how we show the dramatic differences that we create for our clients. In fact, this dial approach can be yours to use. It’s a great Google widget that I’ll teach you how to use in an upcoming e-letter.

Dramatic Growth in One Event

Another success on the numbers comes from our client, Senator Bill Sharer. In addition to his role as a state senator from New Mexico, he owns and operates a collection agency.

Like all business owners, he wanted to grow. We mentored Senator Sharer through our relaunch program. In a matter of months, he had this to say about his experience:                



I went from six new clients in one year, to having nine new clients in one event. It is a great system that is working wonderfully now.”

Senator Bill Sharer

Let's look at another example.  here's an A|B test between two options to garner Facebook likes.  Option A (left) got 0 clicks and likes, while Option B (right) got 222 clicks and 112 likes.  Wow!  But remember - we've got to show the spread.  So how would you show it in this example?

Easy, with a simple, clean bar graph. Be relevant!

One last dramatic difference before you sign off.

Hit Me!

At a recent construction trade show in Canada, a skylight vendor caught my attention. Open the 21- second video below and you'll understand why.