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Make it Easy for Your Hungry Fish to Take the Bait - Here's How to Do It

Make it Easy for Your Hungry Fish to Take the Bait - Here's How to Do It

October 01, 2009

As captain, it's your job to take the risk off your prospects so they can buy from you without fear of making a mistake. Reverse the risk with a money-back guarantee that makes a BIG, BOLD statement.

Every time your hungry fish consider whether to take the bait from you, they're asking themselves one very big question. And how you answer it can decide whether you get the sale or not.

What's that BIG question?

'Is it worth the risk?'

As business leaders we ask ourselves that question constantly. But how often have you put yourself in the shoes of your prospects (your hungry fish as I like to call them!) and asked that same question from their perspective?

So how do you get them to say, 'Yes! It's worth the risk'?

You have to 'reverse the risk' as I like to call it. Take the risk off your prospects and put it back on you. That means offering a big, bold guarantee that essentially tells the prospect, "I'd be foolish not to say 'Yes!'"

Let me give you a few examples:

  • 'We are so sure that you're going to be satisfied that we won't even cash your check for 30 days until you're certain of your satisfaction!' This one is from the late Gary Halbert, who was brilliant marketer who used that guarantee to sell a genealogy service.
  • 'Our Better-Than-Risk-Free Guarantee: If you are accepted into the program we are so confident that you will be ecstatic with your Launch that we offer our unheard-of 10-to-1 ROI (Return On Investment) Guarantee: If, at the end of your Launch, you do not feel that the process was worth at least TEN TIMES your investment, you can walk away and pay nothing. Not only that, but you'll be compensated for any travel expenses.' This is the guarantee I offer to all our coaching clients. It's a HUGE promise that puts the risk back on us to perform!
  • 'You Take No Risk When You Join. If for any reason you're not delighted with your Membership benefits, just drop us a note to cancel AT ANY TIME. We'll send you a prompt and courteous refund on all unmailed issues. The free gifts and any issues you've received are yours to keep. And thanks for trying us!' This is from a consumer newsletter that does a nice job of taking the risk off the shoulders of the buyer and putting it back onto the seller.
  • '60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don't absolutely love your new vehicle, we'll take it back.' This is GM's new guarantee it's offering new car buyer to woo them back into showrooms and overcome perceptions that its Chevy, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles don't have the same quality as imports.

Don't be afraid of the 'burn factor.' Embrace it. There will be a few people who will take advantage of your guarantee, but you'll get so many more sales as a result of making the offer that the few who do burn you won't matter in the long run.

What's the BIGGEST and BOLDEST promise you can make about your products and services? How can you turn that into a guarantee so your hungry fish don't feel like they're taking a risk?

WARNING: Avoid the temptation to add weasel clauses to your guarantee! Your prospects are looking for the fine print. And as soon as you start listing the exceptions, you've killed the guarantee.

Are you going to get burned? Yes. I call it the 'burn factor.' Sometimes people will take advantage of your guarantee. But the amount of sales that will increase because of the guarantee you offer will easily offset the small percentage of refunds you have to give out.

Try it. Let me know how it goes!

Taking you from where you are to where you want to go,