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Manipulative Marketing Corner: "To Tell or Not to Tell?"

Manipulative Marketing Corner: "To Tell or Not to Tell?"

August 22, 2009

This month's dilemma ...
To tell or not to tell?

That's the question for affiliate marketers and I know there are quite a few reading this right now so I'm sure I may be angering readers just for bringing this up.

Here's how an affiliate marketing arrangement works. A person with a product to sell asks you to promote it to your list. For every sale that's made from your list you get let's say 50% of the sale.

Plus, if that person buys any more products afterwards you would get perhaps another 25% of the sales. You can see, how that can be very lucrative as an affiliate as the cash can add up, especially if you have a large list.

Here's my question: Do you as an affiliate have an obligation to disclose to your list that you're making money on the product you're endorsing?

Are you taking advantage of the trust you've built with the people on your list? Or, is it none of their business? I'm often asked to promote other people's products so I'd love to get your thoughts. Creative or deceptive?

Send your comments to me directly at JonGoldman@YourBusinessGPS.com.

Previous dilemma ...

Is it really FREE or is it "like FREE"?

Is it really FREE or is it
'like FREE'?

I got this email promotion from Staples just the other day. The subject line said: 'Can you say FREE?'

Like most people, I'm interested any time a store wants to give away something for FREE. But I found myself immediately looking for the weasel clause ... and it didn't take long! You don't get anything for free!

The ad says, 'Buy any backpack, get 100% back in Staples Rewards ... It's like getting it FREE.'

Is offering something that's 'like getting it FREE' creative or deceptive?


My response: Deceptive. I found myself angry over this one! They got me to open the email, spend time reviewing it only to find that I don't get anything free at all. 'Like free' is not free! It's not even close!!

Be careful when trying to grab a prospect's attention. You don't want to anger your customers and make them feel as if they've been deceived.