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Marketing Hot Sheet: How to Create a Crowd of Excited Hungry Fish Who Want to Create Videos Promoting YOU!

Marketing Hot Sheet: How to Create a Crowd of Excited Hungry Fish Who Want to Create Videos Promoting YOU!

September 24, 2009

It's one thing to make a video talking about how great your company is; but it's quite another to get your hungry fish to do it for you. We recently did this for our client Jason Rodriguez and the results so far have been amazing. Jason always claimed he could buy and sell a house in 2 weeks and walk away with $10,000 from the deal anywhere, anytime. So we said, 'prove it.' In fact, let everyone follow you on YouTube, on Facebook, Twitter and see you do it. It's going on right now if you want to check it out at www.ExtremeRealEstateChallenge.com.

Now, here's where we had fun. We told him he had to teach someone else how to do it to help promote his coaching programs later. We held a contest for the one lucky 'Average Joe' (or Jo) he would teach during the 2-week Challenge -- and that person would get to walk away with the $10,000 from the deal. We received more than 300 entries to the contest! Some of them also submitted videos as requested, but they were not required.

We took a page from American Idol and asked website visotrs to vote on their favorite candidate from among the top 5 finalists we selected. And we got 461 people voting and 57 comments on our blog!

Some were funny. Some were heart-breaking stories of how they've been without work and want to learn how to invest in real estate to help make ends meet. But all of them expressed their enthusiasm and their desire to work with our client! They were all competing to be coached by him! How cool is that?

And in the meantime, we created a massive lead generation tool. He now has 1,231 new names to market to that he didn't have before -- and more than a dozen videos on YouTube of people talking about how great Jason is! That doesn't include the more than 1,413 friends following him on Facebook and 1,088 names now following him on Twitter.

How can you get your prospects to create videos about you? What can you offer them that would make them want to compete? How can you create a crowd?