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Mirror, Mirror, What's the Best Marketing Tactic of All?

Mirror, Mirror, What's the Best Marketing Tactic of All?

June 23, 2008

Using the power of the mirror, Harley Davidson gave prospects the opportunity to see themselves riding one of its bikes.

Here's a question that often stumps even the brightest minds: Do you think it's more effective to offer a picture of your product? Or, do you think it's better to offer a mirror?

The answer: you want to present a mirror so your prospects see themselves benefitting from your product or service.

Can you see yourself riding a Harley?

Harley Davidson is one of the best at doing this. When Harley had its 100-year anniversary, the motorcycle company hosted a birthday bash and built an elaborate setup so guests can actually see what they look like riding on a Harley.

They brought in beautiful, shiny, new Harleys for prospects to sit on as oversized fans blew their hair back against picturesque scenes in the background. They even gave 'riders' leather jackets to try on. People would sit astride the bikes with the sensation that they were riding on the open road with the wind blowing through their hair. Afterwards, each person got to take home a picture of themselves 'riding' a Harley. You could literally see yourself experiencing the thrill of a Harley.

You can do the same thing with words in your marketing or in your ads. Show how prospects will benefit from your product or service. Get them to see themselves using your product so they're asking 'What happens next?'

How one marketer used a 'mirror' to boost response to 28% from just 3%

Yale Health Clinic sent out an ad promoting free tetanus shots to students on campus. But they also included some scary photos showing what happens to people who don't get the tetanus shots when they really needed them. The scary photos did motivate people, but it only drew a 3% response rate.'

The next time, they changed the ad and replaced the pictures with what I would consider a mirror -- a map showing how to get to the health clinic. The response jumped from just 3% to 28%. That's nearly a 10-fold response because students were able to see how it fit into their lives as they went from class to class.

Whenever you can include a mirror showing how your prospect can benefit, your promotion has a much better chance of success. Try it and let me know how it turns out.