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An Often Overlooked, But Powerful Marketing Tool

An Often Overlooked, But Powerful Marketing Tool

August 09, 2008

After prospects read the headline in your promotion, they'll quickly scan the piece and go straight to the end of the letter to see where it came from.

See for yourself the next time you pick up a promotion. See where your eyes go and I bet one of the first places you go to is the end. That's why I always say the P.S. is one of the most important parts of the promotion, but it's often the most overlooked by marketers. Your P.S. should reinstate your promise and your call to action in just one or two sentences.

In this example, Geico does a terrific job of using the area reserved for the P.S. to reinstate its promise in a big, bold way by focusing on three areas:

1. Price. They just don't say you'll save money, but they use the law of specificity and say 'customers report average annual savings over $500.'
2. Claims service. Any time, 24/7, someone will be there to handle a claim in an emergency, which gives the prospect peace of mind.
3. Believability. The last bullet does a good job of emphasizing trust by talking about the fact that it's insured more than 10 million drivers for over 70 years. It could be made even stronger by adding a third-party endorsement, such as a J.D. Power rating or a Better Business Bureau rating or stating '97% of all policyholders say they would recommend Geico'.

I especially like the call to action at the bottom in reverse type. You can't miss it.

Instead of using the traditional P.S. or P.P.S, make your promises and benefits stand out. You know that's one of the places you'll prospects look at first, so it make and bold.