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Overcome Objections With Testimonials.

Overcome Objections With Testimonials.

November 03, 2008

Imagine your customers telling stories like the one below. You won't find one or two sentence testimonials here. Immediately, most business owners say, 'That's too long. No one will read that.' Some may scan it, but many will read it. The key is to express the testimonial as if it were a story. Your testimonials should answer the following questions.

  • What problem or challenge was the person customer facing?
  • What objections did they have to overcome? Cost is usually the biggest one so have your customers address it openly and have them explain why they felt justified to spend the money.
  • What difference did the product or service make?

Your goal: Have your prospects see themselves in the the testimonial.

Why not just buy the cheapest shed you can? Because a shed can be more than a place to store stuff, shut the door and forget about. It can be a place to work on hobbies, projects and to get away. In the testimonial above for example, the customer describes how she fell in love with a shed from the Shed Shop because it (1) "Reminded me of the cozy cabin I'd lived in when I was a little girl in Weyerhauser Timber Camp #4." The shed took her back to another time so (2) "Every chair I fix and refenish also has a fond memory of my childhood cabin."

The testimonial does a terrific job of showing how a shed can serve a utilitarian purpose of keeping the paint and dust out of the house. But it also illustrates how it can be a source of refuge and enjoyment for those who want more than just another shed in their backyard. How can you go beyond the practical purposes your product serves and tap into your prospects' emotional desires?