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January 17, 2016

"Enter a magical kingdom where you can sail with pirates, explore exotic jungles, meet fairy-tale princesses, dive under the ocean and rocket through the stars—all in the same day!"- Disneyland's official website. Disneyland is a place where people's childhood dreams are fulfilled. Magic turns into a reality.

What's the secret to converting prospects into customers?   Why do some companies succeed while others simply don't?   The companies may have similar services or products with roughly the same quality. But one company makes it big while the other wonders why.   Here's the answer:   Before I show you, commit yourself to coming back and reading the rest of this.

Don’t Just Have a Purpose, Repurpose Whether you’ve written a book, an e-book or even a series of blogs, why not spread your content far and wide? In an age of content marketing, there’s no better time to share what you know with your demographic audience.

Are you hiding one of your best tools to increase sales & customer satisfaction? Hi, my name's Dennis Sullivan and I'm a Brand Launcher Master Marketing Mentor. You may not realize it, but the guarantee you offer your customers can boost sales, as well as customer satisfaction!

     In an earlier e-letter we expounded on the many reasons why having your own book is a huge boost to your business. As a book author, your credibility is enhanced; it builds your brand and serves as the ultimate business card.