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I was totally stuck. This time being smart or resourceful was not going to get me out of the jam. I was young, dumb and in my early 20's and had (almost) no fear. I was leading a group of around 25 teenagers on a 2 week hiking and rafting trip in the Colorado mountains. I planned out the trip far in advance.

April 17, 2016

You've been told that it enhances productivity. You think that it saves time. You see successful people doing it. You're hardwired to do it too. But it's all a lie.   Multitasking is the most accepted and practiced lie.   Let me prove it to you:   Take out a piece of paper. Now draw a horizontal line in the middle of the paper.

There are times in life when failure is just not an option. That's why I wrote a check to the American Nazi Party. Let me explain. A while ago I was coaching a client named Steve who was living the "entrepreneur's nightmare". He woke up at 4:30 AM to scramble to the office and stayed at work until late at night when he came home and collapsed.

I admit it. I'm a total addict.   It's hard to face the facts, but it's about time that I share with you what's going on. I'm addicted to dopamine.   I go for the quick hits, and multiple times a day. When I go for too long without it, I feel withdrawal.   Here's what I do: I check my emails frequently.

December 04, 2015

I'm back to answer one of the main questions I've been asked for the past several months.       Where exactly have you, Jon Goldman, been? You probably know how much I focus on regularly sharing and teaching, so where exactly did my blog go? Many of my friends asked me if I took them off the list.