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Master Mentorship

The Master Mentorship program provides access to our team of business and marketing experts without the travel or time commitment required for a full Launch.

You will work one-on-one with a Brand Launcher Master Mentor to develop and execute targeted plans for growing your business. Focused weekly meetings with your Master Mentor via phone or videoconference help you regain control of your business, maintain accountability, and sustain your growth plans while keeping you from getting derailed by daily crises.

Your Master Mentorship will focus on the business areas most crucial to your business: sales and marketing, business process, and/or management issues. We'll put the help where it hurts.

Brand Launcher Master Mentorships include our exclusive Brand Launcher materials, an assessment phase, and meetings at least weekly with a Brand Launcher Master Mentor. Each engagement is for a minimum of four months and can continue on at your discretion.

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