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March 16, 2017

I sent out an email last week asking the recipients to take a 30 second, 1 Question Survey. Now let me explain why I did that and why you should too. See, this blog goes out to many different people, all around the world. Different jobs, different industries, different interests, different backgrounds, you name it- they’re reading this blog.

Hold on. Don’t turn the hose on me yet. As the CEO of Brand Launcher, I deal with the “Millennial Issue” (anyone born after 1984) all of the time, especially during family-owned companies’ generational handoffs. I constantly hear owners complain that Millennials: Lack “work ethic” Are difficult to manage Have an attitude of entitlement Can’t handle rejection

Go on. Guess. No, they’re not “thank you” or “I’m sorry” or “credit card.” I’m speaking this upcoming Wednesday at the International Awards & Personalization EXPO in Las Vegas.

Ok, there's a bit more too it than that... Personally, I find nothing more draining than living in a state of doubt. Uncertainty about which move to make next is very exhausting. It drains my energy like a balloon with a leak: not truly obvious until it’s gone on for far too long.

How many natural pessimists do we have amongst our readers? That's right, you know who you are! The truth is, pessimism, or what I'll call Deficit-Based Thinking comes naturally. The human nervous system is hardwired to pick up signals of impending danger more than signals of opportunity.