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I have a serious question for you. It might make you squirm a little, but I’ve seen too many people make too many big mistakes to not ask you this question. It’s a question that many entrepreneurs are too afraid to ask themselves or answer honestly. But it's perhaps the single most important question if you’re looking to thrive personally and professionally.

How much are you willing to share? I mean really share. Real information. Financials. You may have heard this term in passing, “open the kimono” (business jargon for sharing the inner workings of a company), but when was the last time you stopped and actually thought about doing it yourself?

September 20, 2017

Recorded among business urban legends and folklore are stories about true leaders. Sometimes, their stories are so outlandish they seem unreal. But these people did exist, and changed the world of business.  Meet Robert LeRoy Ripley, aka the best Big Zigger of all time. [What’s a Big Zig?

You've heard this before, “necessity is the mother of all invention.” So today, we’ll go one step deeper and talk about what few do. I recently went on a week-long tour with my sister and her granddaughter throughout Israel. We had a bunch of activities planned, and on a whim we decided to visit a farm. Now I’ll be honest. I didn’t have high hopes.

It's messing things up. Here's why... Chances are that your office has some messy drama. You’re not alone - most workplaces do. Last week we discussed shifting from Victim to Creator: creating your own reality instead of being a passive, helpless Victim. Now it’s time to meet the next character in this trio- the Rescuer. To recap: Dr.