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Vicki Cotter

Brand Launcher Mentor

Vicki Cotter, a continuous learner who describes herself as “a self-and-other development junkie”, is a leader and coach who is known for her intuition, authenticity, fierce courage and ability to speak the truth.

As a Coach and Organizational Development professional for Brand Launcher, Vicki is passionate about and committed to supporting the growth of people in organizations. She believes that we can all step into our possibilities with the support of someone who believes in us. Vicki has coached, trained, facilitated, and developed leaders, leadership teams, and Individuals at just about all levels in both for profit and nonprofit organizations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. This includes W. L. Gore & Associates, where she worked happily for 15 years. We are thrilled to have Vicki as a beloved Master Mentor at Brand Launcher.

Vicki is fascinated by the research and application of neuroscience in mentoring and leadership development. She continues to be inspired by the powerful impact this research and its application has on individuals and in organizations.

Vicki has a bunch of pedigree stuff she’ll tell you about if you really want to know, but here's what matters most: She lives in Wilmington with her husband Mark and their gray tabby, Sweetie-Cat. They have four adult kids, and when she’s not working, and the weather is good, you can find her with her Kindle at the beach.